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Learn to be a Spanish teacher in England and Spain

Patricia Rubert Díaz📅14 Nov 2016

My interest in teaching Spanish as a foreign language increased two years ago. Thanks to a university scholarship I could collaborate with an international organisation in the area of non-formal...

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From Argentina to Budapest as a Spanish teacher

Guido Agustin Mon Lamarca📅10 Nov 2016

Hello everyone my name is Guido Mon, I am Argentinian and some months ago or a few years back I didn’t believe I’d be doing this, but after having travelled...

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Primary education and teaching Basque and Spanish: New challenges

Maialen Mutuberria Huarte📅31 Oct 2016

I have always considered that with my short education I have gained enough experience over the last few years. I have studied to be a primary school teacher and now...

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From an English teacher to a Spanish teacher with Instituto Hemingway’s teaching course

María Cruz Garrido Pascual📅30 Oct 2016

I started this course for two reasons: I love the Spanish language and I love teaching languages. Years ago I gave English language classes here in a school in Biscay...

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Spanish teacher in England, a continuous learning curve

Blanca Arteaga Saracibar📅24 Oct 2016

Although languages (and the etymology of Latin and Greek in school) have always interested me, I absolutely never imagined that I would decide to go in to teaching. I majored...

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