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22 Jun 2017

Cultural and leisure activities for Spanish students in Bilbao: July 2017

We have already got ready the cultural and leisure activities of Hemingway Institute for the month of July, 2017 All activities are free for students of Spanish courses and are an opportunity to practice the language and know more about Bilbao. So we

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11 Jun 2017

5 motives to learn Spanish if you are over 50

Do like Spain and realize that you want to come and live here even if it is just for a short while, but think of all the dictionaries that you will need, and how the words do not stay with you like they used to?

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07 Jun 2017

A day in the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Nowadays the importance of knowing different languages is enormous. Gloabliisation has generated more and more competition and one factor that puts you above others in the working world is knowing multiples languages. Come to Bilbao, study Spanish in our academy, and you will see how many

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06 Jun 2017

Visit Guernica with Spanish courses in Bilbao

Guernica, the picturesque village known for its tragic history, or “Guernica”, the masterpiece by Pablo Picasso? Today we will be visiting the endearing Basque town of Guernica (in Basque it is spelt Gernika). It was founded on 28th April 1366, and was said to be a

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05 Jun 2017

Special Offer: Spanish courses in Bilbao for school groups

If you are looking to for a Spanish school to take a group of school students then look no further. We offer courses for entire school groups that are looking to study Spanish. They are ideal for any classes that are already studying or are

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