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Spanish Teacher: Reflections on Being a Good Teacher

Carlos Portus Saracho📅18 May 2018

During this time at the Instituto, I have had the opportunity to get to know people from China, Japan, Korea, Canada, Palestine, Germany… all different ages and from very different...

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Spanish Teacher: A Bridge Connecting Us to Other Cultures

Eduardo Barbeira📅13 May 2018

In my opinion, both teaching and learning languages build bridges with other cultures; allowing our knowledge to travel, and in doing so, creating flexibility for an open mind where stereotypes...

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eTwinning: A Social Network for Spanish Teachers

Rosa María Alonso Alonso📅06 May 2018

Hi, my name is Rosa and I've been a teacher in Scotland for quite some years now. I came to live here thanks to a grant I got as a...

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My Experience as a Spanish Teacher in a Multicultural Country: Singapore

Paulina Vélez Posada📅02 May 2018

I am a lawyer and psychologist. I have 2 years’ professional experience teaching children who are 5-8 years old. At the moment, I am living in Singapore, because my intention...

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Our Students Visit Ribera Market With Our Spanish Courses

Andreina Iacobucci📅26 Apr 2018

The famous market built in 1929 by the architect Pedro Ispizua and recognised by Guinness in 1990 as the most complete Local Market was where we decided to take our...

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