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Carnival in my country: discovering carnival in Bilbao

Noelia 📅17 Mar 2011

We recently celebrated Carnival in Bilbao. As we all already know, people here get dressed up and have a great night with their friends in the streets and bars...

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Dos and Don´ts for students of Spanish in Bilbao

Solveig y Michael (profesora Noelia)📅08 Mar 2011

Soli and Michael are going to share with us 10 suggestions for future students of Spanish in Bilbao. They have spent lots of time in Bilbao and know the city...

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My experience so far in my Spanish course

📅06 Mar 2011

Please tell us how has been your Spanish course by now. Do you have confidence in your Spanish? Are you learning a lot by now? What are your favourite points...

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Course for teachers (february)

Diana📅04 Mar 2011

Classroom experiencies ...

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Bilingualism in our society: thoughts of a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language

Diana Orgaz Cambra📅28 Feb 2011

Currently, the society in which we live is starting to seriously worry about the lack of languages we possess to communicate with the rest of the world. For this reason,...

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