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Teacher of Spanish as a foreign language as a facilitator of the language

María Carmen Gutiérrez Salas📅02 Feb 2011

Specialising in the teaching of Spanish for foreign students has allowed me to reflect upon our language and the associated culture surrounding it.At the same time, it has also given...

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International horse-riding Easter holiday camp in Spain + English Spanish lessons

Instituto Hemingway📅24 Jan 2011

This Easter, Instituto Hemingway, Closeteachers, Gaubea Ecuestre y Caping de Angosto organize a summer camp for boys and girls between 8 and 14. The camp takes place in two...

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Reviews hospitality management

Sarah Vincent📅21 Jan 2011

This spring, I decided to come to Spain for a month to improve my level of Spanish and to learn about Spanish cooking. I had studied cooking in Miami, but...

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Review of my apprenticeship in hotels learning Spanish

Marie Crusot📅28 Apr 2011

I decided to come to Spain for a month to practice my Spanish with Instituto Hemingway. I am a French student in America and I have studied Spanish in College...

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Cooking and Spanish courses with Instituto Hemingway

Laetitia Peltier📅21 Jan 2011

I am a cooking teacher in Lyon and my husband bought me a very different type of holiday. We started off by travelling to Bilbao, to the Spanish school...

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