Reasons to do the ELE course for our Spanish teachers

20 January, 2017

I embarked on this ELE course without knowing very well at the beginning what it was. I am a social worker and the truth is that at the time of crisis this profession has not helped many people. The social policies have been cut far before they started touching education and health.

So I had no choice but to emigrate. “Young people go to Spain because of their adventurous spirit” according to the Secretary of Immigration. That was not the case for me. I went to find a job that I had always desired and for which I had battled through a university course for four years. I took my bags and finished working in the kitchen of a seedy bar in the immense metropolitan hub of England.

The sensation of having to start at zero in another country without being able to demand anything overwhelmed me. The first thing that they made me do in the job was to clean the bathrooms with a small brush. I crouched, I saw the small brush and I thought: “get out of here now!” But I did not. I picked up the brush and I cleaned. And you know one thing? I felt proud. It does not matter if you have to start from nothing. Life is difficult for everybody and I had courage to start from zero. It had its costs. But nothing or nobody could come with me. Noe even a brush!

Now, after having abroad for a long time without returning to my home country, it would cost me to return and start from zero. I am sincere. So during the time that I was in London I thought: what can I do to earn myself a better life? What abilities do I have that serve me to improve my quality of life? (I am a social worker but my level of English was appalling at this moment) I went on repeating those phrases in my head, until came a day, without searching for them the answers appeared before me. ELE teacher I read in a job offer. I enquired about what an ELE teacher was. And here I am. I love the people, working with them, teaching…there was no better option than to do this course. It was as if a present fell from the sky. The answer that had cost me so much time to find appeared right in front of my eyes.

I feel very happy having done this course. I would love to delve deeper into the subject as I still feel under prepared. I am one of those people that thinks that hope and motivation move mountains and although I know that I would be a good teacher I want to continue developing and learning, because as said by Platón in his apology to Socrates “I only know that I know nothing”.

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