3 reasons to do this course for Spanish teachers

23 February, 2017

One of the main reasons to carry out this course is to have other job options. To have another alternative. Another reason that I could add is that, in 2010, I started studying German and began to improve, so I decided to look for people online who spoke German and, if possible, find one who was learning Spanish so that we could have an exchange of languages.

For 4 years I was studying German, a period in which I met and helped a lot of people, I realised that on many occasions I could not explain some of the things that they asked me. Therefore I decided to take this course.

My expectations are, not only to be able to teach Spanish, but to learn other languages as well. I would like to be able to do this abroad because it’s the best way to improve the language that I am going to learn. This course is only the beginning of my learning that, surely, will take a lifetime.

Mainly I have learnt through this course: the types of teaching methods that exist, how one must organise and prepare classes and finally, how to evaluate all the activities that are carried out in class. Perhaps I have missed some more examples that I will notice more when carrying out the exercises but when I have had to do the final activities of each module of the course, I have been able to pass effectively. Therefore, one could say that I have learnt a substantial amount with this course.

From the point of seeing the students, I had never realised how many things there were to organise when teaching a class. After having done the course, I believe that it is more complicated to organise a class than I had once thought but I also believe that with experience I will not have so many complications and I will know how to organise myself in an adequate way for each class or level.

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