Review of my apprenticeship in hotels learning Spanish

28 April, 2011

I decided to come to Spain for a month to practice my Spanish with Instituto Hemingway. I am a French student in America and I have studied Spanish in College but I didn’t really want to take classes. Therefore, working in Spain seemed like the best way to improve my Spanish.

Arantxa, the owner of the Casa Arauko is a kind and fun woman. Also helping her are her father, Rufino and her friend, Victor who are very nice. The Casa Rural is a very beautiful and comfortable house that has a bar and restaurant and bedrooms.

There is a lot of work to do in the house. One of my jobs is to clean the house but I enjoy working in the restaurant as a waiter or on the bar, which is my favourite thing to do. Every afternoon people from Nograro and other neighbouring towns come to the bar to drink and to talk. During the week, the inhabitants of the town frequent the bar and this is why I have got to know the people of the town so well, it seems to me that this town is like one big family! I find it very strange that people pay for rounds of drinks in town, but it is very kind. During my first day off I visited Vitoria; it is a beautiful city with a very interesting old town. Nograro is located close to other cities such as; Bilbao, Santander and Miranda. It is very easy to adapt to city life. I have learnt about the Basque way of life and their traditions. I saw the celebration of San Juan in Miranda where the people wear traditional Basque clothes.

Finally, as the Casa Rural Arauko has a restaurant I have tried many foods that are traditional of the Basque region and of Spain, I have really enjoyed them! I have also taken a walk through the countryside and the mountains near to Nograro. The owner, Arantxa has really helped me to practise my Spanish; she helps me when we speak together and also when I have to write in Spanish.

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  1. Desislava Tileva06 July, 2015

    I started the "Basic course in Hospitality" and I also got a training agreement which helped get accepted for an internship at a hotel. I cannot express how happy I am with the services of Instituto Hemingway group. Jose and Alfredo were very friendly and helpful and they always responded to me very quickly. Whenever I needed anything they were there for me. Thanks to them I am starting my internship soon and the course content is helping me become prepared for the hospitality industry. It is intersting and engaging. I recommend it!

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  2. Tom Burns2011-03-04 ,

    Thanks for the great reviews of Instituto Hemingway. I carefully read all of them and I enjoyed it.

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  3. Pete Macarthy2011-03-04 ,

    Hey there,

    I participated during the summer of 2009. I was originally placed in a rural area of southern Spain, and asked if I could please have a different placement preferably in a coastal city such as Marbella. I was located there finally and you know what? It was the time of my life. I enjoyed so much that I started to have my life to zero from that moment on. Thanks Instituto Hemingway and thanks to all of you for the great reviews

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  4. Jimmy Jump2011-03-04 ,

    Hola my name's Sarah. I'm 19, and I'm from Toronto, Canada. After reading the responses on this thread, I've gotta admit, it's a little daunting. I was really looking forward to being a part of the Instituto Hemingway. It seemed like such an amazing program, without too many drawbacks, but I guess if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is. I know I'm a little bit younger than a lot of the people on this forum, and a lot of people trying to live and work overseas, but that's why I was so interested in the Instituto; they offered programs that seemed to suit me based on experience and age.

    Either way, I know you said you still have some contacts at Accor, so I wanted to know if there is anyway you could give me a rundown on how everything works, and some sort of testimonial from you, since you've worked with them before. I'm really just checking out options at this point, and I've always been super ambitious about traveling and that's my primary reason for wanting to work in Spain, it's also my incentive and motivation for not messing up an oppotunity like this. So, truthfully, working 35+ hours/week is not something that's going to scare me away. I love Spain and I love Instituto Hemingway

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  5. Julius Rivers2011-03-04 ,

    I got enrolled with Instituto Hemingway to participate in that great program of a paid internship in Spain. I just want to say THANK YOU I worked as an intern 35 hours weekly, met lots of interesting great people, made tons of friends and enjoyed the program from the very beginning. I was in a village out of the typical route for foreigners and my Spanish improved so much than now I can say I am bilingual. If it was not for Instituto Hemingway I would have made my dream true, living in Spain and get deeply involved in the culture.

    Of course I understand they need to charge for the service of placement, insurance and follow-up and honestly it is not so much. I personally spend money in useless things that at the end of the day do not mean anything to me. I totally recommend Instituto Hemingway to anybody interested to live in Spain. Instituto Hemingway reviews are always great!

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  6. cheminsky2011-03-04 ,

    thank you very much for your detailed answer. I would like to ask whether you know anyone who participated on this programme recently 2010 . I am planning to go on this programm for 2 months only.
    Where did you asked your hotel to be?
    How early did you apply?
    Was there internet where you lived?
    Sorry I would have millions of millions of questions.
    Is there any other forum that disscusses these programs. . It can not be where are those people. I need to find them

    thank you very much in advance for your help.

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  7. Manu Manero2011-03-04 ,

    Hello Everyone,

    I participated in a program with Instituto Hemingway this past summer (from June-August of 2010). I had a great experience using this third party job-finder. I paid 560 USD for the 2 month program, and was pleased with to about both the location of my hotel, the type of work I would be doing, the amount of hours I would work, and I received an orientation, certificate of participation, or emergency contact information as promised. I wrote all about my experiences in a different forum, and was able to help a lot of people (I cannot speak for the language classes, as I did not take any. However I did do the hospitality program and was as happy as a sandboy , working 35 hours hours a week and having to run the entire bar and restaurant entirely by myself. This meant preparing some of the lighter meals, making drinks, waiting tables, setting up the dining room, cleaning the dining room, bar, and kitchen afterwards, and billing/invoices. These were a lot of responsiblities, , and I was trained alongside someone, not running the entire restaurant by myself. , surrounded by factories pharmacies, discos... IH told me I would be in easy access to the center of Madrid- A young man was also at the hotel as an intern chef through IH and told me he had the same great experiences! I could go on and on...
    Thanks to Instituto Hemingway my life changed for better.

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  8. Peter Orive2011-03-04 ,

    Yes they are definitely worth paying any money to! I cannot speak for their spanish courses but their 'internships' are really worthy!

    To be honest with you, a friend told me about this program and I am so lucky that it has been the best experience ever!

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  9. chema2011-03-04 ,

    Thanks for the feed back... researching more programs now but I loved what you say about Instituto Hemingway. They seem to be the best!

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  10. Fran Francesi2011-03-04 ,

    Hi everyone
    I would recommend using a company such as Instituto Hemingway for your internship abroad. I used the Instituto Hemingway to work in Spain this summer and let me tell you that it is a fantastic experience, once in a lifetime. You would have to pay money in order to work for someone. You have a supervisor, great friends, fabulous atmosphere.. I was working on average 35 hours a week in the hotel and I was being paid 200 euros a month. Also, I was placed in an apartment 10 mins walking away from the hotel with 2 guys that worked in the hotel, which as a girl in her 20s The company are also very helpful and do offer the services they say they do such as orientation upon arrival or an emergency contact number. I really loved my experience there! Instituto Hemingway reviews on my side are more than excellent!

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  11. aine casey2011-02-17 ,

    i wish to ally for this job

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