Teacher of Spanish as a foreign language as a facilitator of the language

02 February, 2011

Specialising in the teaching of Spanish for foreign students has allowed me to reflect upon our language and the associated culture surrounding it.
At the same time, it has also given me the opportunity to understand all the previous knowledge I have of Spanish, teaching this wisdom from day to day in order to help others understand the Spanish language and enjoy the best literary works from the most famous Spanish authors.

The pupils that get involved with such learning tend to be motivated by an interest they have in language, which in turn teaches us to value our own mother tongue more highly.
It is not a job of teaching grammar or concrete structures to the students, but about making these aspects part of our daily lives, using the Spanish language as an instrument of communication. As the days go by, we begin to notice the progress made by the students in their studies, and we make them part of their own triumphs.
On account of my being both an English and Spanish language teacher, I have been able to see that all students studying foreign languages always have the same fear of failure and that, little by little, and thanks to their efforts, they are eventually able to achieve their wishes in reality. We should support these people who come to us to grow as human beings and develop in life. To master a language is to have access to a window of opportunity to another world, where books and people can help us experience endless adventures.
It is up to us to help these students and make them feel that their lives are taking new courses, enabling them to progress both in their professional as well as in their personal lives. And this is why I would like to congratulate all those that form part of this wonderful world, the world of language teaching.

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