Dos and Don´ts for students of Spanish in Bilbao

08 March, 2011

Soli and Michael are going to share with us 10 suggestions for future students of Spanish in Bilbao. They have spent lots of time in Bilbao and know the city well. We are sure that this advice is very useful. What do you think?

1. During summer, don´t forget your swimming costume or bikini, and throughout the rest of the year, an umbrella is advisable.
2. In order to make new friends, we recommend staying in a shared apartment. If that idea doesn´t appeal to you, it´s definitely worth participating in the activities organised by the school.
3. Turn off your computer and enjoy a relaxed glass of wine with some pintxos (tapas from the Basque Country, pronounced “pinchos”)
4. When travelling with the Metro or bus around Bilbao, buy a discount “Creditrans” ticket – it´s much cheaper and much easier.
5. If you want to travel cheaply over longer distances, be sure to buy your plane ticket well in advance.
6. Going shopping on a Sunday is very difficult, since all the shops are shut – except “Opencor” near Plaza Moyua, or various Chinese shops.
7. If you´re planning on staying in Bilbao for longer than year, Instituto Hemingway can offer you accommodation.
8. Use the break between classes to enjoy a coffee with your classmates.
9. If you´d like to go shopping, there are two main possibilities: the Gran Vía or the Casco Viejo (Old Town).
10.If you like going to the cinema, swimming, relaxing with a coffee or wandering through art galleries, go to the Alhóndiga, which is near Plaza Moyua.

One final tip: During university term time, there are parties organised by and for ERASMUS students – take advantage of them!

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Solveig y Michael (profesora Noelia) Activities in the Spanish Classroom
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