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04 May, 2011

Why study an online composition course in Instituto Hemingway?
As the teacher of this project, I will begin by recounting the ways in which the verb “TO WRITE” has been satisfying and gratifying for me, throughout my career as a journalist in written media. When I began my Journalism studies at the Complutense University in Madrid, I discovered that written communication allowed me to play with my thoughts more, mix them up and yet structure them in a better way than I can in spoken language

On account of being an indirect expression allowing time for reflection, writing can raise awareness or conquer our reader if we know how to employ it well. During my years of study, I have been able to check that a well-structured text, containing clear ideas and with a manner close to the reader will always come across better than a complicated and convoluted text. Always keep in mind the 3 Cs of journalism: “clear, concise and correct.”

A letter of presentation with orthographical errors; a CV with a badly-ordered career structure; a commercial email without even a pinch of friendliness and without special attention to the reader; a job application letter without a date, number or contact number… Bear in mind that any mistake can ruin your chances of fluid communication.

For all these reasons, Instituto Hemingway is making a course in writing and composition available online, which will help you achieve fluency and security in written communication. The project consists of 5 modules prepared by experts in essay writing, and in each module there are practical exercises that you will be able to go through with the teacher once you have completed them. In addition, you will be able to access self-evaluation exercises in the virtual classroom.

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