Advice on how to write electronic mails: Drafting course

12 May, 2011

Today I want to talk to you about texts via email. In the workplace, new technologies have changed the conventional methods when making written messages. I refer to email as a channel that allows us to maintain two-way communication between the sender and receiver in a faster and smoother than ordinary letters or faxes, for example.

The treatment is more direct, the most concise and most of us let some license in dealing with the interlocutor, more personal and closet. This aspect greatly facilitates the final result at the time to persuade the issuer.
Of course in the email are implicit rules that we should stick to care for their aesthetic and succeed in this the correct interpretation of messages. In my opinion, the concise in the text is the key to success in an email. It is therefore essential brevity and clarity of information, discarding the ordering ideas and approaches secondary.
Paragraphs should not extend more than three lines, because the computer screen difficult to read when a large number of leading. Essential to end with the signing, which includes name, address and telephone number. If we include web and logo of our company, the email becomes more serious.

Finally, I mention that in our written submission online course, teachers will teach Instituto Hemingway more tips on writing in the new technological channels.

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