My Hospitality Management experience in Bilbao

18 May, 2011

My name is Starry Suen and I was joining the hospitality management program from Instituto Hemingway in Bilbao, Spain. Before coming to Spain, I couldn`t speak Spanish at all. So I took the spanish course in the instituto for three months first. After three months of learning, I could speak and understand the phrases and expressions relating to normal things happening around.

For the hospitality management program, the aim is offering a experience for learning spanish and living with a new culture while working for a hotel. I was arranged to work in the hotel Etxegana. It is located on a Mountain, near the village called Zeanuri. The hotel is surrounded by a natural landscape as Gorbea Natural Park in the heart of the Basque Country. The view and the area is very beautiful and peaceful. It is a place for relaxing and enjoying the weekend.

The hotel is run by a whole Family. Luis and Begoña are the father and mother. And also the brothers Erik and Joni. They are very kind and nice. They explained everything to me about the hotel and how was the job routine.

At first, the job was very hard for me. The difficulties started from the language barrier. I could not understand the job instruction well. But luckily they taught me patiently. Sooner or later, I learnt more and understood more. I had to use spanish to communicate with the family every day, so my spanish was improved quickly. They also gave me a lot of support for many aspects as well.

During two months of working for Hotel Etxegana, I worked hard and I learnt. There were good times and tough times. The family always concerned about me. I enjoyed the time working with them and I built a good friendship with them.

I treasure my experience in Spain a lot. Thank you for Instituto Hemingway arranged this opportunity for me.

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