Instituto Hemingway launches its photo-a-day advent calendar

29 November, 2011

Here at Instituto Hemingway, we’re already very excited about Christmas.

From our window, we can see the huge Christmas trees that have been set up in the nearby Casco Viejo, and consequently spent some time today frantically searching for our own lights in a determined effort not to be outdone!

Teresa and I made an advent calendar for the students this afternoon. We’ve written some of our favourite Spanish words on coloured paper, rolled them up tight and tied them to a string along with festive chocolate treats. Despite it not quite being December yet, we decided that the occasion warranted festive music and a Santa hat each.

And those of you who aren’t right here with us in the school aren’t forgotten! For our Twitter followers and Facebook friends, we’re creating a photo-a-day advent calendar. These photos are likely to be very varied; expect festive shots from around the school, around Bilbao and maybe even outside the city. You can see a teaser photo in our Advent Calendar set on Flickr. Whatever we end up posting, it’s sure to give you an insight into day-to-day life here at the Instituto Hemingway.

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