Reasons for taking the course of written communication

24 April, 2012

Writing! Is it really so simple? Well honestly… no it´s not! When I finished my course of ELE, I decided to take the course of written communication to complete what I have learned with my teacher. ¨Easy thing!¨, I thought when I decided to call to Instituto Hemingway again to enroll in the new course. this course was such a big surprise for me!

When I started studying the lessons of C. E. I realized that I could not write accurately and that there were many rules that I didn’t know. Aware of everything I had to learn to write effectively. I am grateful to my teacher for his patience and desire to teach and also for the rapid correction in all my practices.
In any daily circumstances you can see the need to draw a paper. Well it is very satisfying to perform this task properly with all the rules and vocabulary.
You have to differentiate between these two issues: one issue is writing; the other is writing well. I recommend taking the course of written communication to discover your level of writing and improve it. What I had in mind for my level was far from reality. Now that I have all the information needed for a good writing the only thing I have to do is keep practicing.

Rosa, student of the course of written communication

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