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10 October, 2012

Both in professional as well as daily life, writing is without a doubt similar to oral communication, which is the fundamental basis of understanding between people. For successful relations to exist we need to write effectively. But, how do we achieve effective texts? What are the keys to success? Of course, regular reading and practicing will be your best allies; but, on some occasions people prefer to express themselves through writing.

It was my teacher who was training in the University of Madrid, who noticed some of my forumales after 15 years, which I continue to use at the time of writing.

She insisted on the importance of the statement of the letter. At the beginning of any writing one should avoid negative terms, both emotionally as well as syntactic, never, unfortunately, sorry but … the idea of choosing positive expressions to facilitate conversation (Very good morning, we are delighted and proud…) We should encourage the reader to continue reading. It has to be convincing!

On the other hand, our teacher has said that the idea is to find simple, clear and transparent frases; because the writing needs to be clear and should not complicate relations between people. The sentence construction should lead to the order of ideas, at least ideas of greater interest. For this we allways advise you to do a quick draft of the contents in the order of importance. The success of this writing consists of knowing these ideas and giving a complete structure to the text. And why not, we need to turn to complex syntatic terms.

Now, I encourage you to continue to deepen your writing through our online courses which Instituto Hemingway offers. We encourage you to come together and learn our new formulaes and ways to improve this fascinating way of communicating. This includes improving both grammar and syntax, but above all practical advice to personalize your text and to play with the words.

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