My experience in the Hospitality Management Programme

23 October, 2012

Before my trip to Spain to undertake my internship in Bilbao I was bit nervous because I had never worked in a restaurant before. I had been to Europe before but only as a tourist and so I had never before lived there for such a long period of time.

The Curso Básico de Hostelería I had completed before arriving helped me a lot. I thought that it would be difficult to do a distance learning course, but with the help of my tutor I did not feel alone and also I learnt really useful things. Throughout the course, I could get to know better not only area related to the hospitality sector but also information about life in Spain, which helped me to integrate rapidly.

When I arrived in Bilbao, I felt more relaxed and prepared. I did a Spanish course for a month before finishing my internship. Although the first week was a bit hard, I started to like the language, with the city and with the Spanish customs.

During my internship in the restaurant which lasted for 6 months, I worked in different positions. The first period I was in the dining room. Even though my Spanish was not perfect, the clients were always very understanding and of course, all the people who worked with me. But the truth is that the best experience was when I spent some months in the kitchen. I loved getting to know “the place no one sees” in the restaurants, discovering the Spanish cuisine and learning all the small cooking tricks and other secrets.

I can say that my internship in Bilbao was one of the best experiences in my life.

Thank you everyone!

Mary, Ohio

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