Poetry in the spanish classroom

12 February, 2013

There is a place where Spanish teachers frequently go to, to consult in times of need, to get up-to-date with the latest studies in the world of ELE teaching, in terms of providing new resources and this place is called marcoELE.

As they themselves define marcoELE as “ an electronic journal dedicated to Spanish didactics as a foreign language whose objectives are to provide ELE teachers with specific training”.

And so “MarcoELE publishes new works, discontinued publications or ones that are difficult to access related to ELE didactics.” Supposedly, thanks to the electronic aids and the internet, a flexible resource can be enjoyed through which articles, reviews and didactic materials can be consulted.”

As well as recomending a visit to this website, we also suggest the following article about poetry in the ELE classroom (Spanish as a foreign language). This article as well as reducing the questions, makes a didactic proposal.

It´s a new alternative for those who want to work with poems on some ocassions in their Spanish class and a good way to get into contact with those teachers who find it tricky to include poetry into their clases. Essentially, this is not an easy task.

But, thanks to this article you can discover how it works step-by-step, selecting the contents and integrating them with others and interwining them coherently within the unit which illustrates the cultural sections.

We hope that this will be useful to you and that you will create some of your own poems for your students one day.

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