Students learning Spanish: Interviews

26 February, 2013

In one of the courses of Spanish in Instituto Hemingway, at the level of A2, the teacher, Noelia, has prepared everything for their next activity: Create an Interview.

So the students of her class made the most of their mid-morning break to interview various people around the Institute.
Here we give you Mayumi´s interview (a Japonese student) with one of her teachers, Javier.

Here is her interview:

“Javier is a teacher. His name is José Javier Vilariño Rodríguez.
His is very nice and also tanned. He lives in Bilbao.

He likes to dance to Latin music like the Cha Cha, the Salsa, the merengue etc. He has worked in Instituto Hemingway for two years. He really likes working as a teacher and he also really likes working with his collegues.

However, he does not like the disorder. He hopes that the students learn a lot of Spanish here.

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