Hospitality Course: Experience as a Greek Spanish Teacher

17 April, 2013

This basic hospitality course was perfect to turn my personal aspirations into reality and then later professional. It´s very well structured, very comfortable because it´s all online and you can organise your hour’s whever it´s conveniant.

It was sincerely a highly enriching experience from diverse points of view: the material that we were given, the fact that we were given warm words of envouragement and help at any time from a tutor with experience, like Alfredo Orive Peña. The idea of doing a course was to obtain the tools to know where to start. The course has provided me with a great deal of knowledge that I hope to put into practice shortly. Being a Greek Spanish teacher, I have already recommended the course to students who work in the tourist sector. I loved it! Thankyou for everything …

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