New editorials for teaching Spanish

13 June, 2013

The editorials specialized in the creation of materials for teaching and learning Spanish, are constantly adapting to the demands and needs of both those who teach and those who learn Spanish.

Instituto Hemingway informs you about the latest news coming from the famous SGEL .

And it presents his new digital newsletter to discover all the new features:

New readings of its collection This time presenting the history of Real Madrid CF and also a walk through the 1810 and The American independence.

It also brings new additions to its collection Literatura Hispánica de Fácil Lectura, in which you can already find the "cuentos escogidos".

And besides, a collection of essays under the title: Textos y aprendizaje de lenguas, which describe themselves as "address fundamental aspects of textual language for teachers." And even "at the end of each chapter practical activities are proposed that seek to reflect on the concepts in the teaching and learning of ELE.

To take a deeper look and find many other new features, find here the Bulletin in full.

We’ll be listening to your experience working with these materials, both on the teacher and the student of Spanish side.

Enjoy all this news!

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