Reasons for doing a drafting course and improve my level of written expresion

26 September, 2013

Como finalización del “Curso de Comunicación Escrita” me gustaría hablaros de cuál ha sido mi motivación para realizar este curso y compartir con vosotros mi experiencia personal.

In the first place when I decided to do this course it was because I wanted to refresh my style of writing and to gain more lossness when I have to capture whatever it might be on paper, for my private needs or professionally.

Secondly I found it interesting to have a first contact with a cours like that for that I could appriciate more the later opportunity of doing the ELE course what had been in my haed for a long time.

Also my formation and my working experience developed in the world of administration and leading of companies, the little contacts I`ve had with teaching and pedagogy always seemed atrractive and rewarding to me. This is why I never missed out an opportunity of deepening my skills in this field, might it be half voluntary or as a extra activity.

During the last years my interest has been learning and perfectioning languages. My mother language is Spanish and during my education I learned Catalan, reaching a level of total bilinguality. Unfortunatily I can`t say the same about my English. To be honest it never passed the level "Intermediate or Upper Intermediate", even though I`ve been studying it for years in school.

For those of my generation it hasn`t been that easy learning foreign languages naturaly and only few lucky ones had the opportunity of spending a time abroad to reach a real linguistic immersion. And for those who, like me had to learn by going to a private academy without more pedagogic resourses than a manual and cassettes with A and B sides, the learning process has been a lot longer.

So that before this panorama, with thirty and a lot years close to the fourties with an important family burden, not even speaking of the work, I decided that I had to start over with my permanent subject again and I was lucky, I say lucky because I was literly drawn, to be able to enter a third time the Oficial School of Languages in my city studying Spanish.

Now that I`m doing my fifth course and I just reached the level C1, I`m have the condition to say that all the sacrifies and the time I spent on it were worth it.
Certainly, like this it is far easier for me: the modern technologies are working to my advanage and I don`t have to listening to the same cassett over and over again or I can watch a movie in the origional version subtitled from time to time.

And since the experience was very rewarding this year I also motivaded myself to start learning Frensh, which I never studied before, but which I would like to learn a lot.

You can imagen the commentaries they made at home about me wasting my time and things like that. But I strongly believe that: " IF SOMEONE WANTS TO DO SOMETHING HE SHOULD DO IT NO MATTER WHAT IT COSTS AND IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO BEGIN..." So all you out there: Motivaed yourself to learn languages and don`t ever give up!

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