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08 December, 2014

My contribution to the blog covers online resources. Sometimes we look for ideas to liven up the theory and, sometimes, it is difficult to discard so much information.

I think that it is essential to get hold of a list of quality websites that will provide you with inspiration, resources or help. This list can be organized by different criteria such as level, ages,  adults; these criteria help to reduce the amount of time needed to look for resources.

Without further ado here are some examples.

General Resources
: the Instituto Cervantes and its puzzles, marco ELE, ruta ELE, profeDeEle, ISLcollective, aprenderespañol.

For adultos and secondary school pupils
: types of texts, external councils, ELE videos, songs.

For children:
MeDuco, JueduLand, Waece, acertijos, one of the many blogs of which there are several such as Amor y Pedagogía or Cosquillitas, Eleparaniños and audición y lenguaje.

There are so many links! Do you know a link which deals with role plays? Can you suggest any websites deal with theory, concept maps or reasonable or good quality activities?

I look forward to your suggestions and I take this moment to encourage you in this impassioned activity of teaching and sharing our language.

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