A new challenge as Spanish teacher

23 December, 2014

Hi everyone,
At last, after many months struggling with the course due to my working life, I can proudly say that this is the beginning of a new challenge, which I hope will be the source of new exciting adventures as well as personal and professional satisfactions.

Although my university background was in biology sciences I always felt attracted to human studies and teaching.  That´s why when I finished my degree I took a job as a Zoo instructor, giving talks about wild life and environmental health. Sadly, due to the economic recession and the rising unemployment I found myself leaving my country and travelling to the UK where I was fortunate enough to find a job as a teacher assistant in a Montessori school. Thanks to this experience my English became reasonably fluent and I acquired new approaches in education, giving our pupils priority to empathy and autonomy over authoritarianism or punishing mistakes.  I also learned that I had chose the right career, knowing that we, teachers, have chosen the path of sharing love and knowledge, a tough but very rewarding path.

After this experience I had the opportunity to travel the World by teaching Spanish on a cruise ship. I have to say it was an unforgettable adventure where my mind opened to new horizons, but I also found out how difficult it is to teach language regardless of whether it is your mother language or not.

Therefore, since I wanted to improve my skills as a language teacher I decided to take this course, and I can say I don’t regret it.

I would like to thank Alfredo, his wise corrections, continuous advice and excellent sense of humor.  If it wasn’t for the advantage of taking a course regardless of my working life and geographical location, I wouldn’t feel like I was taking an online course, which normally tend to be quite depersonalized.

I am also very proud to announce that next January I will have the opportunity of having another contract as a Spanish teacher on another ship, this time travelling around South America and most of the pacific Islands. I am willing to put everything I have learnt in practice.

My only wish is that the rest of you keep following your dreams, making this profession not only a job, but a way of living. Finally, my hope is to end up coming back to my country, where my roots and loved ones are. In the meantime I will keep enjoying the journey, trying to make the most of everything and keep learning while we teach.

Kind regards and good luck!   

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