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10 February, 2015

On the fifth of February we visited the famous Museo de Guggenheim with the group of students of the Spanish Course of the Instituto Hemingway. Because at Hemingway we don't only learn Spanish but we also enjoy the culture with extra activities and completely for free.

Now, some back-ground information, the museo Guggenheim is a contemporary art museum, designed by the Canadian architect Frank O. Gehry. Since it's opening in 1997 the museum welcomed an average of visits per year higher than a million. The most remarkable aspect of the museum is the innovative building where is located. Made up of curvilinear and warped forms, covered in limestone, cristal curtains and titalium plates. It features a surface of 24.000 m², and 10.540 m² are reserved for the expositions, arranged in 19 galleries.

It is located on the bank of the river that crosses Bilbao, in an area called Abandoibarra, next to the bridge Principes de España ( bridge of La Salve ) which is surrounded by an empty tower. Even if we couldn't see it all, due to a new exposition getting established that will open in March, we were happy and we loved the visit.

Come and study in Bilbao and we'll visit the next place with the Instituto Hemingway.

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