Put on a costume for Carnival while you take a Spanish course in Bilbao!

10 February, 2015

Carnivals in Bilbao are not as famous as the Carnivals of Rio de Janeiro or the ones in Cadiz but they have a lot of charm. If someone says the opposite, they don't really know what they're saying.

The city programmed several very interesting events where fun and entertainment won't miss. The streets of Bilbao get full of carriages and there is a general festive mood. There will be concerts, contests for the best costume, parade, music and many many masks.

In the Instituto Hemingway we keep on with the classes of Spanish, although the Carnival theme is the theme that will be discussed most. After the classes, our students shouldn't miss the opportunity of dressing up, discover the carnival-themed town and go to all thses special and unique events.

And let's see if we also plan a contest in the Instituto for the best costume of the Instituto Hemingway.

We wish you a happy Carnival 2015 in Bilbao and a lot of imagination with the costume ;-) !

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