Wine tasting in Bilbao

13 February, 2015

Yesterday we remained amazed by the cultural activities program. It was the wine tasting day and we transformed one of our rooms in the presentation and professional sample room of red wines, our teacher turned into a sommelier and explained us all the magic behind a bottle of wine.

He showed us the different kinds of wine, how to distinguish the elaboration process, the fermentation, the aging and the evolution of wine.

We learnt many things and new words like La barrica de roble (oak barrels) or La vendimia (wine harvest). He let us smell the bouquets that can be percieved in a glass of wine. This has been super fun; We found out that some of our students are very receptive when having to distinguish essences.

And later, the best part arrived, the tasting itself and all that we learnt about tasting and perceiving with all senses.

It was awsome and we loved it. We look forward to the next tasting. This time it will be white wine.

Do you know what wine is ? Graduated grape juice. :-)

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