My Experience-Becoming a Spanish Teacher

11 September, 2017

My name is Raquel. I graduated with a degree in Foreign Languages and am currently working at an ELE academy in Barcelona. My goal in taking a class at the Hemingway Institute was to continue learning and expand my knowledge as I used my skills in a professional setting.

Being a native speaker of a language is not a credential for teaching it. My university education has empowered me to do this and the Hemingway Institute has refined my ability. This class has given me the tools and resources that have not only helped me pass my knowledge to others but has also enriched my own understanding of the Spanish language. Teaching methods evolve over time and teachers must learn to adept to the new methods of teaching, which is what my class at the Hemingway Institute has helped me do.

I had reservations about taking the class online, doubting that it could match the effectiveness of a face-to-face class, but having taken the class I can say my doubts were entirely resolved. The course was challenging, due to the information being given, and having to take what I was learning and impliment it. Ultimately the course was enormously helpful in my path to become an ELE Teacher.

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