A student wrote on her blog about our Spanish school.

12 February, 2018

One of our students who recently has gone away has dedicated to us this entry in her "blog"

Really, this action pleases us on the part of our students. She makes us know how they perceive us as we know what more they have liked. In this case, the authoress Sabine Hillen, is a girl who worked Au-pair. Nevertheless, her charismatic way of being makes her a key piece among our classrooms.
Surprisingly, in a little time she obtained with effort the level B1. His lifestyle as well as his way of writing is one of the most elegant we have seen and now we marvel at his staff where we can find places that she recommends visiting such as Bilbao or other places she has in mind to publish.
From the address of public relations, we are very happy of this act that honors us. Thank you and we expect to see this student again hereabouts!

We put here the link of her web page.

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