Why did I decide to take the ELE Teaching Course at the Instituto Hemingway?

10 March, 2018

Hi everyone!

So why did I decide to do an ELE teaching course at the Instituto Hemingway? For many years I thought about doing a Spanish teaching course, either in person or online, and this happened to be the right time and the right place.

Having spent 7 years living abroad, you realise how important it is to learn a new language, so much so that if you don't know how to communicate, living in that country becomes very complicated, and at the very least, limits you in your daily life. I had already worked as a Spanish and English teacher in other countries, but I didn’t have any qualifications (apart from CAP), which meant that I was learning through experience, although on many occasions, and depending on the country, this was almost impossible. If you don't have a qualification, many schools and colleges don’t even give you a chance, and sometimes don't even give you the opportunity when you have a qualification. Initial training is certainly a basic requirement for teaching and for this reason I decided to take this course.

Generally, I am very happy with the teaching methods and the content of the course, as well as the way each module is assessed (particularly through self-evaluation) and there's no doubt that for me the most interesting things have been the examples used and the work experience I did throughout the course – that is, applied teaching. The theoretical part and the modules are also important elements for teaching, but without concrete examples from the real world, you won't get anywhere. Now that I am immersed in this new adventure, I see this qualification as a huge help when it comes to living abroad. Module 5: Spanish Language, appears to be a helpful tool for working as a teacher too. One of the teaching methods that I used in my Spanish classes was the Communicative Method which, together with the PPP sequence, I believe work well when adapting to the students' needs, using creativity and being more than anything like a guide instead of like an orchestra conductor, so that both children and adults learn to develop an instrumental knowledge of the language.

In my case, I first worked as an English teacher, which helped a lot when teaching Spanish, as it gave me a solid base to work on. I would like to end this by saying that for me, working as a teacher is one of the most rewarding and important careers in the world at the moment. As B.F Skinner wrote, “Education is what survives when all that has been learnt is forgotten”.

Thank you Instituto and to Hemingway himself!

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