Happy World Poetry Day

21 March, 2018

What is poetry?

An expression of deep feelings and ideas – an outlet.

What is a verse?

A kiss, an embrace, a strike to the heart, a wish, the other side of a page or perhaps what converts us to feeling the need to become engrossed in verse after verse.

What is an instrument for writing?

A close friend, the development of our thoughts. Whoever opens themselves up and casts away their inner feelings enough to be able to express what our hand leaves for us to doubt, drifting in the sea of white in front of us.

What is an empty page?

A forest with a thousand trees which each tell a story. An Apollinaire calligram, a note folded with my love, the heel of a writer, not of Achilles.

Who is the writer?

A lover, family, my innocence, dreams, life and my education. A goodbye, a profession, war and peace.

What is the inspiration?

A muse, a landscape, your nakedness, a kiss, my pain. A feeling, Mozart’s Requiem, a song.

What is beauty?

A face, green eyes, a body, a smile, an outlook, an expression.

What is Spanish?

A bridge which connects us to other countries. A mother tongue that rears arts, speakers, union and fraternity. A common characteristic. An opportunity for the future with a past as rich as a certain nobleman, a certain poet with a big nose or a certain someone with the surname Lorca.

As our great, royal institution says, it is something that 'cleans, fixes and radiates.'

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