The RAE presents us with a new linguistic, educational and intuitive resource

19 April, 2018

A few days ago, the Royal Spanish Academy (la Real Academia Española) launched what we consider a Pan-Hispanic linguistic gem, in other words, the RAE Enclave. Our great Spanish language academy has been accumulating a wealth of information over the last 300 years, which has now become a space which provides resources, services and tools to promote, facilitate and spread good use of the Spanish language.

This platform aims to provide an answer to linguistic doubts, allowing individuals, professionals and businesses in the Spanish-speaking world to collaborate via simple applications. Such tools are made up of dictionaries, which allow you to look up the origin of a word, lists of words related to each other within a specific field, words coming from a certain country and terms which come under a certain grammatical category. In addition, users have invaluable access to all the RAE's dictionaries in a single place and in a digital format.

Regarding teaching Spanish, a workspace called Aula RAE has been created in which you can find educational material that is not only useful for exercises but also for preparing a class, with outlines, summaries and definitions. This resource shows even more potential with the addition of 'My RAE' – a space equipped with an abundance of tools to build up and store educational material for teaching classes.

What we particularly like is the way in which this useful bank of resources, which is available online, promotes the enjoyment of learning Spanish. It is clear that it is aimed at anyone who is interested in improving or perfecting their written and spoken skills in Spanish. To make the most of these facilities, you can go to the section of RAE Enclave which is called 'Linguistic Workshop'; a space which helps you to write correctly, to conjugate verbs and to analyse texts. What's more, users can easily use a section called 'Linguistic Enquiries' which offers automatic responses to doubts concerning grammar, spelling, vocabulary and also the correct use of Spanish.

We are pleased that being able to understand Spanish in its various forms has now become a beneficial and easy opportunity to take thanks to RAE Enclave. It is definitely worth €30 per year to access this new platform with its abundance of resources implemented by our very own Royal Spanish Academy.

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