How to be a Spanish Teacher in England: Teaching Course

03 June, 2018

In this post I am going to tell you why I decided to do this course, how bit by bit I am managing to reach my goals and why the future has so many names. About a year ago, I started to think about teaching Spanish abroad as I was really drawn to the idea of teaching my language in other countries. And so I decided to do an ELE course in order to start achieving my goals in a more professional way. Someone happened to mention something to me about the Instituto Hemingway and after comparing different courses, I decided to sign up to a course with them.

Starting from home, I went to live in London and started to do the online course. What is certain is the quality of the material that they provide for each lesson, but the best thing is without a doubt the fact that the tutor corrects every practise you do and gives really useful feedback in order for you to improve your work. If you have any question, they always answer immediately via the Virtual Classroom.

About my goals… my goal in London was and is to work as a Spanish teacher in secondary education in a permanent job, as in Spain I had done the Educational Aptitude Certification and in England they see it as an equivalent to QTS (Qualified Teacher Status). So my plan was first to work as a supply teacher and if that was too difficult to achieve, then in a language school. But for that I first needed certain paperwork translated and other paperwork already in order, among which an official translation of my Bachelor's and CAP degrees and originals, the Spanish Certificate of Crimal Records and the English DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service), which has to be processed by a Recruitment Agency. I have to add to this that I also needed to get the CAP validated for the QTS and to my surprise this was actually the simplest thing that got done the quickest, at least in my case!

After so much paperwork and a long wait (I had some problems with the Recruitment Agency that was going to process the DBS), I then had everything and I almost could not believe it. But then I only lack the most important thing, which was starting to work. To work as a supply teacher, the easiest thing to do when you arrive in the UK is to get work through an agency (or at least that is what I read when researching the topic). I joined various job agencies which specialise in hiring teachers and I started sending off my CV and details to anywhere I could. The following day, various agencies called me and got into contact with me and then gave me an interview. In order to give me work they needed to have references, one from the last job I had and another related to education. My tutor from the Instituto Hemingway really helped me at this time and gave me a reference for some of the agencies. One of these agencies was particularly interested and immediately called me to offer me a job as a supply teacher. And that was how I started to work as a teacher in London. I still have many more steps to go, but I am one step closer to my goal.

To end my post, I am going to hand over to Victor Hugo and one of his inspirational quotes: “The future has many names. For those who are weak, it is the unattainable. For those who are scared, it is the unknown. For those who are brave, it is an opportunity.”

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