Recommendations about ELE Spanish Teacher Course

10 June, 2018

Taking a preparation course for ELE teachers was a total challenge for me, as I had never had experience nor any previous knowledge of what teaching Spanish as a foreign language involved and I had no idea which school would be the best and most suited for learning all what I had to learn.

After researching for more than a month and reading reviews from different students on various websites, I decided to go for the Instituto Hemingway and the truth is that I think it was the best decision. Not only my teacher, Alfredo, but also the boss José, were always there to help clarify any doubts I had and resolve issues that I had during the course.

The academic material of the course was excellently planned and based on the fundamental aspects highlighted in the Common European Framework, with which I could learn and gain all the necessary knowledge to be able to successfully write my final report. Within this I could elaborate a unit that we studied, based on communicative methodology and which covered grammatical, lexical, sociocultural and functional content specified by the Common European Framework and at the same time which allowed students to start and develop their skills in reading and listening comprehension and written and oral communication.

For me, the study unit that was the most difficult to develop was the Evaluation unit, as a good ELE teacher not only has to be capable of designing activities that are tailored to the students’ needs and that help them acquire and develop new skills, but also capable of designing evaluations that allow them to determine if the objectives planned at the start of the course are being fulfilled or not, and this is based on the levels of evaluation stated by the Common European Framework. I also want to mention that thanks to this course I am closer to achieving my objective: becoming an ELE teacher for children.

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