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14 Apr 2021

Reasons to sign up for a Spanish course with us

Hola, ¿qué tal? Why should you sign up to Instituto Hemingway? Bilbao Top Spanish School Flexible schedules Programs from 4 to 30 hours per week Small groups, max 8 students Instituto Cervantes accredited Enjoy a total immersion experience Accredited COVID-19

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02 Apr 2021

Learn Spanish and Flamenco at the same time in Bilbao!: Spring 2021

The instituto Hemingway is offering you a pack " Spanish & Flamenco " for 4 weeks which includes 20 hours of Spanish during the week in the morning, then 4 hours of Flamenco. Furthermore, at the Instituto Hemingway, we take care of your accommodation in halls

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22 Mar 2021

The experience of Spanish students at the International dinner

At Hemingway’s Institute they don’t only teach Spanish, they also make a bunch of activities for sharing between friends and meeting new people from all around the world. In those activities there is the “international dinner” it’s a dinner between friends but everyone is going

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09 Mar 2021

Friday, 19th of March Fathers Day

In Spain is one of the most important festivity, it is the same day of the ephemeris of Saint José. This day wants to commemorate the life of José, Maria’s husband, Jesus’s father, and due to that is connected with Father's Day. Nowadays only in

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03 Mar 2021

Travel study vacation in Spain

Despite the COVID-19 travel restrictions, you can come to Spain if you are enrolled on a Spanish course. In general, there are 2 essential requirements: 1.) Have a negative COVID test result dated no more than 72 hours prior to the flight arrival

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