News of our spanish school in Bilbao

News of our spanish school in bilbao

06 Aug 2018

The fantastic nature of the Basque Country and spanish classes

The Basque Country is not only well known for its cultural inheritance and unique language, but also for its great nature. By coming here, you have many possibilities to hike through beautiful green landscapes and enjoy the idyllic views near the coast or in the

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02 Aug 2018

Spanish Course And Wine Tasting: August 7th 2018

We will be taking full advantage of this great weather by sampling three refreshing white wines that pair perfectly with summer dishes. This August 7th 2018, at 7 :30 PM, you will have the opportunity to satisfy your curiosity regarding wine. All of the students

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27 Jul 2018

Spanish Course And Gastronomy

Are you one to eat your way around the world? If so, know that we offer the chance to combine a Spanish course with gastronomic activities. A perfect way to learn a new language while waking up your taste buds and learning more about the Basque

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26 Jul 2018

Spanish Course, Kayak and Sea Activities in Bilbao

Right now, you have the opportunity to combine a Spanish course with aquatic activities. A perfect way to learn a new language while learning more about the different water streams in Bilbao . You may combine a week of intensive Spanish classes, from Monday to

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25 Jul 2018

The New August Cultural Activity Calendar Is Here!

Our students greatly appreciate the cultural activities we offer them each month. These activities allow the students to visit Bilbao, make new friends and practice their Spanish. Plus, these activities are totally free! You can download this month’s calendar below. On Thursday, August 2nd 2018, we

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