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22 Oct 2019

How Instituto Hemingway can help you with your Spanish.

At our institute we help you to learn spanish, understand it and use it in the correct way. With the language, you can communicate and understand others, whether they are of your same nationality or from somewhere else. In addition, you can combine your clases

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20 Oct 2019

Why learn Spanish?

Learning Spanish is becoming increasingly popular with both Americans and Europeans. Spanish is the world’s third most spoken language after Mandarin Chinese and English with approximately 500 million people world wide speaking Spanish. Spanish, along with Arabic, is being labelled the “language of the future”

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14 Oct 2019

UPCOMING: Wine Tasting on the 24th October with our Spanish course

On October 24 we invite you to participate in a vertical wine tasting at Instituto Hemingway. The tasting will take place on Thursday, October 24th at 7:30 p.m. The wines that we will present on this occasion come from Ribera del Duero from the Valtoñar

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08 Oct 2019

The students at Instituto Hemingway see Bilbao by bicycle!!

On the 8th October, we planned to go on an excursion through the city, starting at 3.30pm, where we had to pedal to reach our destinations! The city of Bilbao has quite a few bike lanes available so that cyclists and other users can use

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03 Oct 2019

Special wine tasting on the 10th October to celebrate Alfredo's Birthday!

On the 10th of October at 7.30pm we will have the perfect opportunity to taste some delicious sparkling wines. However, it will be extra special as we will also be celebrating the birthday of our lawyer, and favorite wine taster: Alfredo. For all the times he

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