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29 Mar 2019

Spanish courses in Bilbao and cava tasting 9th April 2019

Tuesday 9th April 2019 at 19:30, we are going to have the stimulating opportunity to enjoy another Cava tasting that is very interesting. All the students of Spanish courses are invited to participate in this free and cultural activity. We will learn about sparkling wines and

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26 Mar 2019

Flamenco and Spanish courses in Bilbao: 4th April 2019

We have programmed a flamenco activity for the day 4th Abril 2019 . All students from the Spanish courses of Instituto Hemingway are invited to participate. The meeting point is Instituto Hemingway at 19:00 and the concert will take place in the Club

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25 Mar 2019

Surprising things that you did not know about Bilabo

You step on them every day in and they made them decade of 1920 to be resistant to the rain and those the pedestrians that did not slip and they fell to the floor. Yes, it is the the paving stone, the most

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25 Mar 2019

Habits that have an immediate effect on your Spanish learning

It starts with planning your learning. Did you know that according to a study from an American University, the attention span has reduced from 12 seconds to 8 seconds from 2000 to 2013. The digital environment in the cause. There are a lot of stimulants

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20 Mar 2019

The students of the Spanish course visit the DEIA newspaper

Our students have had the opportunity to be able to visit the buildings of the newspaper DEIA. It has been a stupendous opportunity to be able to get to know first hand, how it works, how they write and distribute a newspaper. For some,

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