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16 Nov 2022

Job vacancies for Spanish teachers 2022

Instituto Hemingway has job offerings where they are looking for Spanish teachers in different parts of the world.Hopefully you will have luck with one of these opportunities!ELE TeacherCountry: ArgentinaDeadline: 30/11/22To apply click: hereSpanish Language Coordinator/Full-time LectureshipCountry: United States of AmericaDeadline: 01/12/22To apply click: hereDELE ExaminorCountry: SpainDeadline: 01/12/22To

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11 Nov 2022

Spanish in Equatorial Guinea

Maybe it isn't one of the biggest African territories that was colonised in the 19th century, but this small territory is one of the many places that share our language, Spanish. First it was colonised by Portugal and Spain obtained this territory in exchange for

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08 Nov 2022

The FIFA World Cup 2022: Germany vs Spain - Confrontation of two archenemies

The FIFA World Cup 2022: Germany vs Spain - Confrontation of two archenemiesOn the 20th of November 2022 it will finally be "that" time again: the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. It is the first winter World Cup and the second World Cup after

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28 Oct 2022

¡Halloween in Spain and in the Hemingway Institute!

Halloween has had countless origins throughout history, it seems that we all share fear of the afterlife, the dark and the unknown, and the fear that the dead can't rest or that they will rise in search of vengeance. The Celts had Samhain, the Mexicans

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