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19 Feb 2018

Spanish courses and internship program

Being able to get experience in your work before getting it is something that many of us wish we had before. Learn with Institute Hemingway. the techniques to function correctly in a company. We offer a business experience full of goals and challenges to solve.

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16 Feb 2018

Spanish courses for senior in Bilbao

Again, free time. The last time was perhaps a long time ago and now you have all your life to travel, eat, enjoy, buy or learn new things. Therefore, at Institute Hemingway, we offer the opportunity to visit the Best European City 2018 and learn

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15 Feb 2018

Spanish courses and cooking lessons in Bilbao

The kitchen is an area in which it does not matter what languages ​​you know. The true expression is in the taste. However, if you want to practice your cooking skills in a real restaurant among the best in the city this is your chance. Institute

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15 Feb 2018

Spanish courses and dancing lessons in Bilbao

You have the rhythm, the effort, the coordination. Each step is an expression of what music makes you feel. But what about the Spanish? . When you decide to learn to dance, perhaps you have opened a door to a world in which you

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14 Feb 2018

Spanish courses and art and sculpture classes in Bilbao

Certainly, these three types of art can be mixed in unforgettable summer days in Spain. While you learn the Spanish language with qualified teachers with the ELE title, you can paint and sculpt in the evenings or continue with your current technique and improve it.

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