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14 Dec 2018

Spanish teachers: conversation assistants announcement 2019-2020

Every year, the Spanish Ministery of Education  announces positions for Spanish Conversation Assistants abroad for the next academic year 2019-2020.  Spanish language conversation assistant positions are announced in educational centres in Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, the United States , France, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Norway,

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07 Dec 2018

Christmas has arrived to the Spanish courses, cava tasting, turrón and many other things on the 19th

Christmas arrives at the Institute of Hemingway. On the 19th of December 2018, we have a programmed a cava and turrón tasting day, where we can learn about tasting different types of cava and wine while celebrating the start of Christmas. All of our students from

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03 Dec 2018

The best place to learn Spanish in Spain.

Are you searching for the best place to learn Spanish? The best thing to do is to ask yourself if you ether want the beach or mountains, big city or small city, with a lot of international tourism or relatively authentic and original. If it´s

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27 Nov 2018

Cultural activities in December

The Spanish programs in the city of Bilbao on the behalf of the Institute of Hemingway are always making a series of activities for students so they can practice their Spanish whether it´s with friends or with your day to day life so you

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22 Nov 2018

My internship working in a hotel.

My experience has been phenomenal. I have studied turism and I thought that this course would be ideal for working on my Spanish. I found that since I sent my CV with experience and dates until they signed me to a four star

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