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23 Jan 2023

Wine tasting- Wedsnesday, 31/01/2023 at 19:00

Wine tasting VerticalWine Tasting On Wednesday, 31.01.2023, at 19:00 we held a vertical wine tasting here at the Hemingway Institute for our students. We invite you to participate and enjoy three different wines: A Cune Club Reserva 2018, a young Valtonar and a Vega Medina

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22 Jan 2023

Bilbao under water- What happend on the 26th of August 1983?

"It was an exceptionally rainy month and a cold drop left more than 500 liters per square meter in 24 hours," says José Antonio Aranda, head of meteorology at Euskalmet on August 26, 1983. But what makes this day so special and why is it

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20 Jan 2023

Night of ham and wine!

Here at Instituto Hemingway we like nights full of good food! We will meet here at the Hemingway Institute to enjoy a great piece of ham that will be accompanied by wine, cheese and bread, what better combination is there?To make the experience

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19 Jan 2023

Flamenco in Bira Kultur Gunea with Juanjo Navas!

You are invited to a night of flamenco!Instituto Hemingway is a Spanish school in Bilbao that has many activities for students. This month we bring you flamenco!What is flamenco? Flamenco is a Spanish art form typical of Andalusia, the southern region of Spain, composed of

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09 Jan 2023

Work as an ELE Spanish teacher: guaranteed employment 2023

Are you interested in working as a Spanish teacher for foreigners? At Instituto Hemingway we guarantee that 80% of graduates of the Spanish Teachers course will have a job contract as Spanish teachers.We open the registration period for the Spanish teachers

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