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24 Sep 2007

Visiting Bilbao`s Guggenheim Museum

As part of the cultural activities which complement the Institute`s educational programmes, Instituto Hemingway organises free fortnightly visits to Bilbao´s Guggenheim museum. All students who are taking the Spanish courses will have the opportunity to get to know the museum`s permanent collection and the new

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15 Sep 2007

The film “Caótica Ana” by Julio Menem from the perspective of students studying Spanish

As part of the cultural activities which are organised for students of Spanish and students on placements or voluntary projects; we went to see the film “Caótica Ana” by Julio Menem and here are some of the students` opinions.“The film is very interesting because it

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03 Aug 2007

Instituto Hemingway sets up the Virtual Classroom IHEL.

On 5 August 2007 we opened a new educational initiative: the Virtual Classroom IHEL.Through this e-learning platform, Instituto Hemingway offers online courses relating to the Spanish language. You can also find courses that are aimed at native speakers of Spanish that want to learn how

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00 Aug 0000

Activities to compliment your Spanish course

At Instituto Hemingway, we have a variety of activities that you can do whilst completing your Spanish course here in Bilbao. We believe that it is important that all of our students have the opportunity to practice their Spanish outside the classroom, and, of course,

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00 Aug 0000

Enjoy Bilbao`s beach after your Spanish classes

A little treat for Bilbao!At Instituto Hemingway we would like to share the good news that very soon, next week in fact, a beach is coming to Bilbao. And we are in luck because it is very close to our Spanish school.Although Bilbao

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