Bullfightings with your Spanish course

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This week keeps on one of the biggest and most important celebration in Bilbao, the so calledSemana Grande! Due to this big party, taking place in our town, there will be plenty of events around, offering great spectacles and much fun.

Because of this occasion, the community of Bilbao is also organizing bull fights in the plaza de toros of the town. There will be bullfights every day. The truth is that the public opinion in Spain and around the world in general, is divided regarding bullfighting, with both sides having their arguments.

However, if you enjoy watching this old Spanish tradition or if you just want to go because you are curious to see how it feels to be present in a spectacle like this, then our Spanish school offers you the chance to do it for free. Within our monthly schedule with cultural activities, which are free for our Spanish students, Instituto Hemingway is organizing a visit to the plaza de toros of Bilbao on Wednesday, 20th of August. Then you can watch live a real bullfight. The bullfighters of the day will be Julián López “El Juli” y José María Manzanares.

If you feel like coming then you are more than welcome to join this cultural activity.
For sure it will be an experience that you will never forget!

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