Instituto Hemingway, the only Spanish school in Bilbao.

09 Sep 2015

Since 1999, Instituto Hemingway has been the only Spanish school in Bilbao.

It offers 6 classrooms in the centre of Bilbao, next to the train station (Abando). Therefore it is very simple to access either on foot or via public transport.

The school is nearly 150 metres squared in size, where the students learn Spanish tailored to their level. As well as Wifi, it is fitted with a projector, computers and an audio zone as well as a small library and cafeteria. It has been accredited by Instituto Cervantes since 2006. It provides courses for students from Bildungsurlaub, projects PON or CSN can complete courses with us.
The school also has agreements with language agents like estudio hispánico, closeteachers, Apple languages, language international and Spanish training to help promote our Spanish courses in Bilbao.

Amongst our Spanish courses we offer preparatory programmes for DELE, courses for secondary school students, business Spanish courses and courses online, as well as the most popular course which consists of 20 hours of Spanish per week.
Every afternoon, Monday to Friday, we have free activities for our students. Furthermore, Instituto Hemingway is open all the year round. We welcome new students every Monday of the year. We keep classes small with no more than 10 people per class. At the end of the course the students receive an accredited diploma with the level acquired.

Lastly, this year we give a small gift if you sign-up with us.

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