Cultural and leisure activities on public holidays in Bilbao: 25th and 31th of july

21 Jul 2017

Cultural and leisure activities on public holidays in Bilbao: 25th july and 31th july

For these coming days of parties we have raised two visits Super interesting to some of the most precious places of Bilbao: the Guggenheim Museum and the Monte Artxanda
The visit to the Guggenheim Museum will be on July 25, 2017 The meeting point will be Instituto hemingway at 11 o'clock All students of the Spanish courses are invited to come. We will leave the school at 11 o'clock and walk along the bank of the estuary discovering all the new architecture of Bilbao. We will pass in front of the Arenal, the Town Hall, the Calatrava bridge until arriving at the Guggenheim Museum, in front of the University of Deusto. So we will have the opportunity to discover all the new architecture of the city.

In the Museum we will admire new and exciting exhibitions. One of the current exhibitions we have the opportunity to visit is A Retrospective by Bill Viola
Bill Viola is one of the most relevant artists of our time who is widely recognized as a precursor to the development of video art, a mean he began to explore in the early 1970s while enrolling in the program "Experimental Studies" at the University of Syracuse, NY. Although in his first work in video is the core of the vision of the life of Viola would be the search of the self-knowledge as it became more influenced by its readings of Eastern and Western mystics and spiritual texts.
His work was developed in parallel with advances in video technology, and he used each new instrument to explore the human condition of birth, death, transformation, rebirth and transfiguration-essential themes in his body of work spanning 40 years.
Bill Viola: A Retrospective represents a thematic and chronological study of the artist's career that begins with his first single-channel videos, incorporating iconic works such as the Reflective Pool (1977-1979) and Four Songs (1976)
These particularly poetic creations unite some of the most important themes of Viola's production: the notion of time and its decostruction, research into human existence and experimentation with recordings and manipulation of environmental and natural sounds.
During the last decade, through a great variety of media and formats, Viola has continued in his work to delineate the fundamental experience of life. This is eloquently explained by his use of water in works such as The Innocents (2007), Three Women (2008) and The Dreamers (2013) - and his journey through the cycle of life, which begins in this exhibition with Heaven and The Earth (1992) and literally devana in the final work Inverted Birth (2014).
On July 31, we will visit the city from the Artxanda Hill. We leave Instituto Hemingway at 12 o'clock. We will walk along the banks of the Nervión estuary and take the funicular to Artxanda. From Artxanda we can see the whole city, the airport, the whole Asúa Valley and even see the sea In addition to enjoying the panorama, we will have the opportunity to taste a good txakoli, which is a normally white wine produced in the Basque Country, Cantabria, Burgos and in some areas of Chile, accompanied by tasty pintxos.
All students of Spanish courses are invited to participate in this excursion

Enjoy these holidays and come and spend them with us
Te esperamos :-)

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