Come to Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao: cultural activities with the Spanish courses

25 Sep 2017

Guggenheim Museum

With the cultural activity we went with the students to the beautiful Guggenheim museum. We were able to see the whole museum. And it´s worth it! It is such a great museum and there are all kind of exhibitions, so there is always something you like. The museum is not only great from the outside, but also from the inside the building is worth visiting.

It’s the most popular and famous museum in the Basque country. It´s one of the most important museums for modern art. It has also caused a big increase of the tourist sector in the city. With reference to that, it is called the Bilbao-effect.

Check the cultural activity program in the school or on the website and take a look at our Instagram page. We will return to the Museum next month.

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