Free cultural activities in the Spanish courses in Bilbao: November 2017

31 Oct 2017

We already have the new cultural activities agenda ready for the month of November at our Spanish school in Bilbao.
You can download it here or consult it in the agenda of activities on the web All activities are free and have the objective that you can meet other students and learn more about the culture and the city and, of course, improve your Spanish.
The meeting point is at Instituto Hemingway.

After the break on November 1, we return more than alive to begin by going to the hanging bridge of Portugalete , which is a marvel of Bizkaia. With its 61 meters of altitude, the iron titan crosses the estuary linking Portugalete and Las Arenas.

On November 9 we will visit the Basque Archaeological, Ethnographic and Historical Museum to learn about the culture and way of life. In the courtyard of the building, the idol of Mikeldi awaits us, one of the oldest pieces of the collection that every day wants to be discovered again by the students of Spanish.

But the cold comes and it is only fought with a good jacket or with churros and hot chocolate. So we invite those who do the Spanish course in Bilbao to accompany us to a cafeteria in the center of the city where we will enjoy their environment and we will protect ourselves from the approaching winter.
If we still want to drink something with friends, we can enjoy two wine tastings on November 7th and 22th at 7:00 p.m. We will learn about flavours, aromas and colours.

After having enjoyed a Rioja, the bullring brings us the emotion of feeling like a bullfighter as we can step on the sand and learn more about this art.
On November 15 we will have an appointment with the cinema. This is the movie Alatriste and his adventures in seventeenth century Spain, students will witness fights with swords and love in the purest Spanish style.

With so much movement, to relax, we will take a bike ride through Bilbao, on November 20, to walk around the Campo Volantín and also the famous Guggenheim Museum.

To recover energy, one of our Spanish teachers will teach us how to cook a potato omelette; Appetizing and a perfect dish for dinner and food.
With this and more, we wait for you in all the activities scheduled for the month of November. , We especially encourage you to participate in pintxos nights every Friday at 8:30 p.m. which serve as a meeting between all to laugh and talk.

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