Our students on bicycles in Bilbao

19 Nov 2017

At the 20th of November the students will see more from the city in a very fun way, following the next plan:

We will meet at Instituto Hemingway at 17:00.

After that we will go to the place where we can rent the bicycles, which is really close to the school. From here we will start the bicycling tour at the ¨Punte del Ayuntamiento¨ to go to the ¨Campo Valentín and to see the beautiful Guggenheim museum and ¨Puente de la Salva¨.

We will also pass through the area of the universities and go up the street to visit part of ¨Lehendakari Aguirre¨ which is a beautiful neighborhood.

We will continue the route to almost half of Deusto. A descent down at Iruña street will take us to the ¨Puente Euskalduna¨, which gives us a beautiful view of the theater with the same name. When we arrive there, we go straight on and we will find the impressive San Mamés stadium, which is the ¨house¨ of the Athletic soccer team of Bilbao.

The tour will pass through other important places in the city, such as ¨El Centro Azkuna¨, a cultural place where you can swim in the swimming pool with a floor of glass, see a movie in the modern movie theater or read a book in the library, where it is very quiet.

Moreover, we will visit ¨La gran Vía¨ and cross ¨Sagrado Corazón¨, which is a very large statue at the ¨Plaza Circular¨ which is a figure of the founder of Bilbao. To rest for a moment we will stop at the ¨Jardines de Albia¨¨. We will see the beautiful trees and drink water from one of the fountains.

At the end, we will give the students the opportunity to continue the route on their own to return to the place where we have rent the bicycles.

The invitation is open to students and friends who want to go with us who have desires to visit Bilbao on two wheels.

We wait for you!

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