New available times for SIELE Spanish proficiency test: Wednesdays and Fridays in Bilbao Winter 2018

04 Dec 2017

We have scheduled new times for the SIELE Exam in Bilbao for our students to quickly and easily obtain formal certificates of proficiency.

Wednesdays and Fridays from December 2017 until March 30 2018, the following exams are available:

Wednesday afternoons:

-CA + EIO and CL + EIE
-Friday afternoons: Global
-Fridays at 4:00: CL + CA

If you are in Bilbao don´t miss out on this great opportunity! Take advantage of your time here and certify your command of the Spanish Language.
The test can be taken at our school, quickly and hassle free until the end of the year.

SIELE is the International Service of Evaluation of the Spanish Language that certifies a students command of Spanish.

The test is completed on a computer and is aimed for students and professionals alike, from all over the world. It can be taken by those who speak Spanish as a foreigner, second or native language.

The SIELE was launched in 2016 by the Instituto Cervantes in Spain, the Universidad Nacion Autonoma de Mexico, the Universidad of Salamanca, and Universidad de Buenos Aires, guaranteeing the strong presence of the numerous linguistic varities of the Spanish language.

The test can be taken completely or partially to certify full or partial proficiency. All of the paper work and application information can be submitted electronically. Results will come out no later than three weeks after taking the exam.

What tests can you take with us?

SIELE Global

CL + EIE(Reading comprehension, expression and written interaction.)

CA + EIO (Audio comprehension + oral expression and interaction)

CL + CA (Reading comprehension + audio comprehension)

Signing up and additional information can be found on

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