The Spanish courses invite you to the subway marathon of Bilbao those March 25th and 26th 2018

02 Feb 2018

The Spanish courses invite you to the subway marathon of Bilbao those March 25th and 26th 2018.

You are a sportsperson and you want to live a new experience, the marathon of the subway of Bilbao is made for you! Thanks to the Hemingway Institute you have the opportunity to participate in it those March 25th and 26th from 1AM when the subways of Bilbao stop driving.
Almost 200 sportspersons will run in the darkness of the tunnels where subways usually drive. The run is on 7824 meters. The inscription is opened to all people over 18-year-old.

The ride begins in Moyua station, it ends in the station of Ansio and passes by the following stations: Indautxu, San Mamés, Deusto, San Inazio and Guruzeta.

To assure the safety of all, the organizers planned several departures in groups of 20 runners with an interval of 5 minutes between each group. Furthermore, every group will be accompanied by a person of the organization and by a person of the sportive field of Bizkaia.

This activity is unique and takes place in our beautiful city of Bilbao and if you come in our Institute, we give you the opportunity to learn Spanish in the morning according to your level of Spanish or you can even learn Spanish from the beginning. We look forward to seeing you in our Institute but also to participate in our free activities and thanks to those activities, you will learn more about our wonderful city Bilbao and you will also meet new friend from other country.

As you can see, in the Spanish courses in Hemingway Institute you can learn and enjoy at the same time and you discover original activities.

At Hemingway Institute, it’s different thanks to you!

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