Spanish classes for DELE exam in Bilbao

09 Feb 2018

If you are a person who comes from a country which the official language is not Spanish, and you want to obtain the Spanish nationality, you must accredit your level of Spanish with the DELE exam.

What is the exam DELE ?

The DELE diplomas of Spanish are official qualification that accredit the degree of knowledge and domain of the Spanish language, that the Institute Cervantes grants in representation of the Education, Culture and Sport Department of Spain.

The mentioned exam is done to see the degree of existing integration of the person that is interested in the Spanish society. The level A2 is required to be able to pass other exams. In many cases, a person can speak, write and deal with Spanish. Nevertheless, they don’t have the document that demonstrates that they have these capacities, but it is necessary for this requirement.

Faced with this problem, many persons look for private classes of Spanish. It is advisable to do it because they must know many facets of our language to have a full performance. Nevertheless, not all the persons are suitable to give private classes of Spanish. The persons who are titled for it are those that have the ELE qualification. Which it certifies the authorization to teach Spanish at foreign persons.

In Institute Hemingway, in the evening, we offer group or individual classes with the main goal to prepare you for this type of tests.

Our teachers are formed by ELE’s qualifications and thanks to that they are suitable for these classes. Moreover, the lessons included books and free cultural activities and thanks to these activities, you will learn more about the tradition in Spain and you will spend time with your classmates.

It is evident that you can’t learn Spanish with books only. In the classes, the students speak with each other about the world and their nation. Therefore, you can be trained in a Spanish school that Cervantes is accredited by the Institute with competitive prices on the market and it would be a success with the effort you put in wanting to pass this exam.

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