The Spanish courses invite you to the Carnival of Bilbao.

12 Feb 2018

This year, many holidays are gathered in one month. On the one hand, we have the St Valentine's Day that approaches little by little. On the other hand, we have the Ash Wednesday and if it was small, we are passing the Carnivals. Might it be more chaotic?

With all these festivities in the city of Bilbao, the students of the courses of Spanish of the mornings as the students of the particular classes of Spanish of the evenings have signed to our exit to be able to see the burial of the sardine.
A sardine? Buried?

Yes, in Spain and in different points of Spanish-speaking countries, this festivity announces the end of the carnival. The act appears of funereal form with a parade. Actually, it is not anything more than amusement disguised with sadness for the end of the party. Immediately after the walk of a symbolic figure like the Sardine, it is burned to announce that now the society is reborn by its ashes.
Here in Bilbao, while the sardine passes in streets, they throw small chocolates. The tour begins from the new square and culminates in the square of the theatre Arriaga.

The students of such countries as Brazil tell us that they had never had the carnival concept as it is here in Spain. They do not disguise themselves and much less they burn to a Sardine.
Concerning the disguises, in the class of the level A2, the teacher has organized a small contest of disguises to encourage the students to live through the carnivals.

We are very excited that in our school of Spanish, living through airs of party since with the winter temperatures that we are passing to enter heat with little of red wine and dance it is not an evil plan.

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