Spanish courses and courses of Surf

12 Feb 2018

In summer, many people travel to other countries to learn other languages and also to practice his favorite sport if the place is suitable for it.

In this case, Spanish north offers you a marvelous possibility if you are a really lover of the surf. With Sopelana's beach or The Salvaje, you will be able to be in your environment.
In the coast, you have diverse schools of Surf with which you will be able to leave your equipment or to be able to amuse yourself riding waves in the Cantabrian sea. The best summer lives on the Basque coast.

To go from the downtown up to the beach you must only take the underground and in 30 minutes you will be in the first line of beach. Both in winter and in summer, the coast of the Basque country is ideal.

Learn Spanish in the evenings and go surfing in the morning to catch the best waves. Many of our students from The United States or Australia see this opportunity to continue enjoying his favorite sport. Generally the water is calm and the waves have an average size. In some zones where it is quieter, it is possible to practise the padel-surf. This modality allows to sail even on the Ría of Bilbao.

Don’t miss this opportunity!
With Institute Hemingway, you can plan your summer as best as possible. The amusement and the learn of Spanish is assured.
All we need now is you!

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