Spanish courses and dancing lessons in Bilbao

15 Feb 2018

You have the rhythm, the effort, the coordination. Each step is an expression of what music makes you feel. But what about the Spanish? . When you decide to learn to dance, perhaps you have opened a door to a world in which you will have to travel to many countries that you never thought you were going to visit. Therefore, we give you the opportunity to come to Spain to learn Spanish in the mornings with highly qualified teachers. with the ELE degree.. Our city, Bilbao., enjoys many theaters in which high-ranking dance companies come to delight us with their choreographies.

The city has many public spaces to practice outdoor dancing or we simply suggest that you come to the schools we have for you if you choose this Spanish course and dance classes.. Within the price, books and free cultural activities. are included in which we even have Salsa classes. It could be a new rhythm that you should try or leave us all amazed with your steps.

Then enjoy being able to travel to Spain and get to know flamenco up close and the rhythm of the guitar to the beat you cannot experience every day. For when tapping against the platform the feeling spreads to the hearts and excites those with a warm rhythm of palms are guided by an atmosphere of mere passion.

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