The Students from our Spanish Course Dance to the Rhythm of Salsa in Bilbao!

13 Mar 2018

The students taking our Spanish course in Bilbao have a range of fun activities on offer, such as going to famous museums, wine-tasting or going for a bike ride. However, we also like to practise a few steps to a bit of Caribbean rhythm occasionally!

So between Spanish classes, one group with us this week at our Spanish school in Bilbao decided that they wanted to take part in this salsa class run by a professional instructor, who we often ask to give us salsa classes, as we trust her and know that she has a natural talent when it comes to dancing. When we arrived at the place where we were going to dance, we received a warm welcome and were soon moving both our feet and hips, giving off a rhythmic vibe in the room.

At first, the group of Austrians seemed quite shy and unsure. There was the odd stomp as well as a lot of laughing when they didn’t get the basic steps. However, still wanting to learn how to dance properly, when the music started playing their shyness soon disappeared. With big smiles on their faces and some moves which were more in time with the music, they definitely started to let go a little more.

At the main point in the class, the teacher told us to choose someone to partner with to do a series of steps that had to be done in pairs. Between the group there were a few jokes about this, as they obviously didn’t expect this exercise! Nevertheless, everyone was soon dancing together harmoniously in time to the songs.

And as much as we didn't expect it, reflected in the mirrors in the room, we could see a class of coordinated amateur dancers who were thoroughly enjoying this experience.

The Spanish courses at the Instituto Hemingway are taught by qualified teachers with a qualification for teaching Spanish to speakers of other languages, and also included in the price of our courses are cultural activities to get to know other people and practise your Spanish.

We have been working for 19 years to make this experience of learning Spanish something more than simply understanding the language. Come and live it your way, as with you it is always different.

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