Activities for our Spanish Course in April

29 Mar 2018

We now have the plan ready for the cultural activities for April in our Spanish school in Bilbao. You can download it here or have a look at it on the activities calendar on our website All the activities are free and have the aim for you to get to know other students and learn more about the culture and the city, and of course, improve your Spanish.

With the sound of the processions in the streets, April is on its way with new activities planned for the students taking our Spanish courses. To wake us up a bit, we are going to go and eat some sweet palmeras de Arrese on the 19th April at 9:00am as these always brighten up the gloomy winter days.

Next up, on the 3rd April we have some wine tasting at 19:00pm. Our palates will be entertained with the fruity flavours of some red wine and we will also learn about the wine and all wine-related jargon in Spanish.

Putting aside all things food and drink-related, on Thursday this same week we will go to the Fine Arts museum where the permanent exhibition and temporary displays will leave us in awe with classical touches and new trends in the world of painting and sculpture.

On the 11th April, we are thinking of going to Plentzia to enjoy the sea views and a bit of sun which we have been long waiting for.

The museums will also remain open for all those interested in visiting them, such as the Basque Museum where we have a visit planned for the 26th and also the Guggenheim which we will visit on the 10th and the 18th April.

Our very own Spanish teacher, Guadalupe, will also give us a lesson on how to make Spanish tortilla on the 24th, showing us how to create the authentic taste of this typical Spanish dish. In addition to this, on the 23rd we have an evening of bowling planned where our students will be able to socialise and relax with their friends after the Spanish lessons.

Although when thinking of April, we think about the many rainy days, here we think of April as a month when we are learning even more Spanish. So don't wait to have fun with us this month! Sign up for a Spanish course which offers something more than just learning grammar. Embrace the experience that the Instituto Hemingway offers with its programmes which are especially tailored to you.

With you, it's different.

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